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Understanding the Benefits of Motorized Shading

Install Automated Shades for Added Interior Protection and Style

Understanding the Benefits of Motorized Shading

We live in Florida for the sun and mild climate year round—It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason. All that sun is good for soaking up vitamin D and keeping us healthy, but like anything else, too much of a good thing is not always good for us.

Just as too much sun exposure is harmful to our skin and potentially causes other issues, too much sun in the interior of your home also has negative consequences. UV rays can damage furniture finishes and fade rugs and window treatments. Too much heat buildup can cause your air conditioning to work overtime and drive up energy bills.

We can’t control the sun in Bonita Springs, but AVL Pro does have a solution to protect your home’s interior: installing motorized shading. Read on to learn more about what this smart solution can do.

Take Your Home Media Room to the Next Level

Add Projection and Sound Upgrades for More Immersive Entertainment

Take Your Home Media Room to the Next Level

If you already have a media room, you know its pleasures well. There is no better room in the house to experience a great movie, watch a game on the biggest screen, and feel your music on the most powerful multi-channel sound system.

However, technology inexorably moves forward. While the media room from 5 years ago may be perfectly serviceable, new sight and sound formats have come along that can take any audio and video experience up a few notches. If you already have the infrastructure in place in your media room, all it may take is replacing some equipment. If you don't have a media room, then you have the advantage of selecting from the latest tech for your space. Either way, it's a win, and AVL Pro is here to help.

Two of the most significant advances in home theater and media room tech are 4K HDR video and technology. immersive surround sound like Dolby Atmos. Both of these are what you can experience in many of today's' commercial theaters. But now, you can have it at home in your own media room in Fort Myers Beach.

Keep reading to see how to take your home media room to the next level with today’s latest technology.

Why Install a Smart Home System?

Read on to learn more about what a smart home system can do for your safety, efficiency, and luxury.

Why Install a Smart Home System?

It’s hard to escape home automation technology. The popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are bringing smart home features to the forefront and into popular culture. Home automation technology inexorably advances, seemingly every month, with a new product announcement. It seems that almost no function in the home is immune from some smart capability - from garage doors, pools, and HVAC to door locks.

Smart home technology is readily available to the consumer. Smart cameras, lights, motorized shades, thermostats, sensors, speakers, refrigerators, and much more, are available from an ever-increasing roster of vendors. The truth is, some devices work well together, while other devices don't.

A truly smart home is a seamless experience. What do we mean by that? It means that various systems in your home communicate well together, like a well-trained and conducted orchestra. Sometimes all those devices aren't from the same manufacturer, but they can still be orchestrated. It means that your home will work for you and your lifestyle, as opposed to you adapting to new technology.

If you want a seamless experience - and the pure luxury of home automation - in your home, you will want something more than a collection of smart devices. As an experienced systems integration company right here in Naples, we specialize in making home automation fit you.

Keep reading to find out what home automation can do for you.