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Don’t try to install your home surveillance system yourself—you need a pro to ensure you and your family are secure: learn more.

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with Smart Home Surveillance

Always Know What’s Going on at Home

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with Smart Home Surveillance

Not so long ago, you might leave the house for an extended period, and you might be concerned about its safety and security. Were all the doors locked? Were all the windows secure? Is the alarm functioning correctly? Did we turn off the gas burner on the stovetop?

These days, modern technology comes to the rescue to alleviate those worries. With a home surveillance installation, you can have a set of eyes and ears on your home in Naples, FL and surrounding areas from wherever you roam as long as you can connect to the internet. And it can protect you when you're home, too.

Keep reading below to see how home surveillance solutions can give you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

1 Critical Component of Any Home Surveillance System

Embrace a More Proactive Approach to Your Home Security

1 Critical Component of Any Home Surveillance System

Home surveillance systems have been around for decades, and for just as long they’ve consisted of mostly the same components—cameras, sensors of various sorts, alarm panels, and storage for your recordings.

As the years have passed and home security systems have become more secure, all of these components have become progressively more sophisticated (many newer systems have cameras that benefit from machine learning and analytics to more effectively reduce false alarms or focus on surveilling key areas of your home), but the basics haven’t changed much.

However, there have been advances in other areas of smart home technology that have helped our customers in Naples, FL introduce one key component to their home surveillance system that improves it far beyond what traditional ones can offer—a Control4 system.