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Smart lighting solutions do away with light switches and manual shades, letting you control your home’s natural and electric light effortlessly. 

Create a Space of Beauty and Ease with Today’s Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting Solutions Blend Beautiful Lighting, Shades, and Intelligent Controls

Create a Space of Beauty and Ease with Today’s Smart Lighting

Google “smart lighting solutions,” and you’ll find yourself immersed in smart bulbs, switches, plugs, remotes, and hubs. There’s talk of changing the color of your lights with a smartphone app, communication protocols, and solving light switch problems. For technology enthusiasts, entering the smart lighting arena may be an exciting challenge. For mere mortals, it may prove more complicated than the benefits warrant.

Fortunately, there is a better way in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas. At AVL Pro, we create smart lighting solutions by partnering with global leaders in home automation and lighting control. Now, you can effortlessly manage daylight and electric light with one touch or voice control. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?