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2 Great Reasons to Install an Automated Home Lighting Control System

Smart Home Lighting Systems Are Designed to Match Your Personality

2 Great Reasons to Install an Automated Home Lighting Control System

Installing the right lighting technology can create and enhance the atmosphere of any home. From something warm and inviting to an array of colors that shows off a bright and lively character, home lighting control can make it happen.

Other distinct advantages of installing a lighting control system include saving you money on energy bills, increasing your home’s security as well as the value of your home.

Advanced lighting systems, designed by our team in Naples and its surrounding areas, can be controlled from just about any digital device, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. You’ve put in a lot of time choosing and designing your home. The right lighting design can make it all stand out.

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1. New Lighting Technologies Provide a Better Quality of Light

Older lighting systems and devices can usually only emit a limited range of colors and quality, which is why traditional spaces might appear to be always kind of orange in color or something that washes out the color of a room altogether.

We provide a wide range of new lighting technology that can be attuned to provide specific shades of white as well a vast array of specific colors that when reflected off the paint of your walls actually enhances the original color scheme of your interior design.

Today’s dynamic lighting systems employ a high-tech design that takes into account specific color temperatures. New lighting can be used that produces warm light and cool light that reproduces the natural rhythm of daylight indoors.

In addition, traditional light sources have trouble maintaining their brightness and saturation levels; we recommend new fixtures with control mechanisms that will re-calibrate themselves so they can retain their quality of light.

2. Automated Lighting Systems Provide Comfort and Convenience

Once your lighting fixtures have been integrated into a lighting control system, you can walk into any room, simply push a button, or speak a command to your smart speaker, and at once several lighting sources will brighten or dim in unison.

Now when you enter your kitchen intent on cooking up a good meal, you simply say “Chef Time!” and the lights above your island and food prep areas will be illuminated to a well-lit setting.

Automating and designing a lighting system for your home theater is essential for replicating the feel of an actual movie theater.

Just like the lights dim inside a movie theater at the same time the image and sound rise, so can the lights in your home cinema. Just press a button on an interactive screen mounted to a wall or tell your smart speaker to “play movie,” and you will be led to your seat by the same row of floor lighting you would see in a real theater.

Today’s modern lighting technology isn’t about just turning your lights on and off, but creating a mood that fits the style of each room and personality.

To find out for yourself how we can install and design the lighting system that’s right for your home in Naples, FL or its surrounding areas, contact us today!

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