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AVL Pro is a professional home network installer serving NaplesFL and surrounding areas. Learn about our custom services here.

Give Your Home a Professional Network Upgrade

Support All Your Connected Activities at Home with a Professionally Installed Network

Give Your Home a Professional Network Upgrade

A home network serves as the backbone of all your connected activities, whether it’s for work or play.But if your network is consumer-grade, you may find yourself running into some challenges.These days, we rely on our home networks for work, school, entertainment, and a multitude of other functionsFor the connected support you need, it’s best to work with a professional home network installer that can set you up with enterprise-strength solutions that won’t faulter when you need them most.Keep reading to learn how our network services can help you get back to the business of living at home in NaplesFL and surrounding areas.

Is Your Home Overflowing with New Smart Devices From the Holidays?

Keep Your Home Network Humming with a Professional Installation

Is Your Home Overflowing with New Smart Devices From the Holidays?

Everywhere you look, there’s a new smart device. The term smart device sometimes means different things to different people, but there’s no escaping them in today’s world. Your smartphone, tablet, and laptop are all smart devices. The definition of a smart device is one that has some intelligence to act autonomously and interactively, and one that can connect to a network for control and other purposes.

What do all these devices have in common? They all connect to a network and the internet through some type of network protocol. And that means your home network has to be up to the task.

Chances are, you received some new smart devices this holiday season. Whether it's a new iPad, smart speaker, or 4K smart TV, these devices all need to connect to your network. Is your system ready for the load?

AVL PRO has been a professional home network installer in the Naples and Southwest Florida area for over a decade, so we know how to keep your network running even with the onslaught of all the new smart devices. Keep reading to see how you can keep all those devices running at peak performance – and keep the whole family happy.