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Excite Your Senses with a Sophisticated Home AV System

3 Ways a Leading Audio-Video Company Can Enhance Your Home Entertainment

Excite Your Senses with a Sophisticated Home AV System

Elevate your home entertainment experience by upgrading the audio-video set up in your home. Even though you’re accustomed to watching TV in your living room and listening to music through your earbuds, the experience could be so much better! Enjoy the sights and sounds of movies and music everywhere on your property.

AVL Pro is a leading audio-video company that installs smart technologies and systems for homeowners throughout Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas. Let us turn your house into a smart home with enhanced AV features. We offer a range of possibilities to address your audio-video needs, from designing home theaters to installing complete whole-home audio systems. Read our blog to learn about three ways to upgrade the AV systems in your home.

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1. Music, Music Everywhere!

Many people use their TVs or smartphones to listen to songs. Turn to a music streaming channel, such as Pandora or Spotify, and you can enjoy all your favorite songs and playlists. The problem is . . . you’re isolated to one room when you want to hear your favorite tunes, or you’re stuck with subpar speakers. You can use your earbuds while in the house, but you miss out on the experience of “feeling” the music.

The best solution is to install a whole-home audio system. You’ll have a sonic experience wherever you go in your home. Best of all, it’s hi-fi music you feel in your body and soul! Choose between visible speakers, hidden speakers, or a combination of both. AVL Pro installs premium brands from makers like Stealth Acoustics, James Loudspeaker, and Sonance.

Because your new audio system is integrated with your smart home, it’s so easy to control. From your tablet or phone app, select the song you want and then hit play. It’s that simple. You can also create unique zones to play different playlists. It’s a perfect luxury if you’re hosting a party. Play classic rock outside while dancing with friends on the patio, smooth jazz inside when sipping martinis, and Disney hits in your children’s play area.

2. It’s Time for the Movies

For avid movie lovers, nothing is better than visiting the theater. Actually, AVL Pro offers something you will like even more: your personal home theater. Turn your spare room into a private cinema that rivals a brick-and-mortar theater. It all comes together when you have a robust surround-sound system, a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV or projector with HDR imaging, smart lighting, and all the right theater décor. Truly – you can achieve a better theater experience right in your own home.

Today’s displays are amazingly realistic with vivid color, contrast, and illumination. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the film or right there watching a live game. At the same time, you get a 3D-listening experience created by the proper placement of wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and subwoofers. Add Lutron lighting control, luxury theater seats, and interior theater design to your private cinema, and you may never want to go to the theaters again.

3. Outdoor Entertainment

You love your lawn, pool, or patio, but sometimes it feels like wasted space. Get the best use out of your outdoor areas by making them more inviting. By installing SunBrite outdoor TVs, an outdoor sound system, and landscape lighting, you elevate everything in your backyard and effectively expand your living area.

After performing these upgrades, your porch or pool will be a much more attractive and welcoming space. In addition to outdoor TVs by SunbriteTV, why not add a premium audio system with outdoor speakers? Placed in the proper locations, speakers immerse your yard in the sound of music. Since your new outdoor AV system is also “smart,” you’ll be able to access streaming music, movies, and even records and CDs from your media player (if you have a distributed AV system).

Improve how you enjoy home audio and video with help from our AV company. Call (239) 593-6455 or fill out our online contact form for a consultation. We proudly serve clients in Naples, FL, and surrounding areas.

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