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Can a Smart Home System Keep You More Secure?

3 Ways a Control4 Smart Home Automation System Keeps You Safer

Can a Smart Home System Keep You More Secure?

Do you think of smart home automation as a convenience or a luxury? It may be both of those things, but did you know it can keep you safer? When you start putting together all the smart functions of your home under one comprehensive smart home system - like Control4 - you can add layers of protection to your daily life.

Smart home technology can be piecemeal or fully integrated. It’s possible to have smart lighting control. Or smart locks. Or smart thermostats for intelligent control of your HVAC system. But when you connect these functions intelligently, you get more than the sum of the parts.

As your authorized Naples Control4 dealer, AVL Pro can put together a smart home system that not only adds convenience and luxury to your Florida lifestyle, but also brings the peace of mind of safety through more intelligent security. Read on for three ways a Control4 system will make you and your property safer.

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Control4 Mockupancy

When you’re away from home, do you worry that your home looks unoccupied and more inviting to a burglar? If your property in Naples is a second home, that worry might be intensified. The Control4 system has an innovative feature called Mockupancy. When integrated with a lighting control system like those from Lutron, the system can turn your lights on and off in a natural pattern throughout the day or night. It learns your usage pattern and it looks realistic - so your house won't be shining brightly at 3 AM, but some strategic lighting will give an intruder pause. The system can even turn on and off audio-video equipment like TVs and stereos for even greater realism.

Control4 DoorStation

The Control4 DoorStation is a sophisticated video doorbell with a high-resolution camera and two-way intercom audio capability. If someone rings your doorbell, you can screen who it is through an app on your smartphone or a Control4 Touch Screen that you can have on your wall or table. You can then decide whether you need to answer or simply see if it's a package delivery or solicitation.

Even better, with Control4’s Intercom Anywhere solution, you can receive your doorbell notification anywhere you can connect to the internet. If you had smart locks, you could even let someone in remotely to deliver a package inside or service your home. You can identify visitors, lock and unlock doors, or set your alarm, all with a few taps on an app.

Better Planning for Emergencies

Smarter sensors and functions working together can even make a life or death difference. If a smoke detector goes off in the middle of the night, a smart home system scenario can spring into action. The path to the nearest exit will light up, your HVAC system will shut off through the smart thermostat to prevent the spread of smoke, the alarm will sound for the fire department, and the outside lights will flash so emergency responders can find your home quickly without guesswork. 

Find out more about how AVL Pro and Control4 smart home automation can bring you peace of mind.  Contact us today or click the chatbox below to connect with us quickly. We look forward to serving you.