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Why Install a Smart Home System?

Read on to learn more about what a smart home system can do for your safety, efficiency, and luxury.

Why Install a Smart Home System?

It’s hard to escape home automation technology. The popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are bringing smart home features to the forefront and into popular culture. Home automation technology inexorably advances, seemingly every month, with a new product announcement. It seems that almost no function in the home is immune from some smart capability - from garage doors, pools, and HVAC to door locks.

Smart home technology is readily available to the consumer. Smart cameras, lights, motorized shades, thermostats, sensors, speakers, refrigerators, and much more, are available from an ever-increasing roster of vendors. The truth is, some devices work well together, while other devices don't.

A truly smart home is a seamless experience. What do we mean by that? It means that various systems in your home communicate well together, like a well-trained and conducted orchestra. Sometimes all those devices aren't from the same manufacturer, but they can still be orchestrated. It means that your home will work for you and your lifestyle, as opposed to you adapting to new technology.

If you want a seamless experience - and the pure luxury of home automation - in your home, you will want something more than a collection of smart devices. As an experienced systems integration company right here in Naples, we specialize in making home automation fit you.

Keep reading to find out what home automation can do for you.

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Total Control, Effortlessly

When it comes to smart devices, rare is the one that does not come with its own app. Smart cameras have an app for notifications and to access video footage. Smart thermostats have their app for programming and knowing your location for adjusting the temperature. It's the same for most everything else, from a video doorbell to a smart light bulb or lighting control device.

So how do you make all those things work for what you want to do? You want to exercise precise control over individual lights and the temperature, because you may need to fine tune those things based on your activity. But you also want those things working in concert for you. For example, while you are away on a summer day, motorized shades can lower automatically to block out the hot Florida sun, the thermostat is set to an eco-friendly setting, and your interior lights can be all off or minimized for your pet to wander around.

That’s where a professional smart home installer like AVL Pro comes in. We listen to your needs and recommend and install the right system that puts it all together for you. What’s more, today’s home automation systems give you, the homeowner, more control over personalization than ever before. If you want, we can program the perfect scene for an indoor/outdoor dinner party that flows out into your pool patio. Lights, music, pool lights, fountains, and more can all be controlled by a tap on your smartphone, a touchscreen, or a custom keypad on your wall.  If you like to tinker with the settings, systems like Savant and Control4 let you design your own automation.

Personalization for the type of user is also an important feature of well-integrated systems. Not every family member may need control of the same things, and some shouldn’t have control of some areas. We can personalize the system with different profiles for members of the household – like kids and adults. Let the kids watch their videos and shows on certain TVs in the house, but they can only use the home theater with adult supervision. We can even set your system up to enforce no TV after a certain hour - smart technology can lend a hand in parenting too.

Building the Right Infrastructure for the Future

Installing the right infrastructure is critical to having a system that is robust, flexible, and ready for future expansion. Smart home technology keeps moving forward. The foundation starts with a well-designed and implemented home network, one that has the capacity to handle many devices and can prioritize network speed for those critical functions that need it. If you want multiple ultra-high definition (4K) video sources available throughout your house, integrating the right network infrastructure is the first step.

A professional smart home installer also knows when to use wired versus wireless technologies. Some things work well wirelessly, others not as much dependent on the distances and type of construction in your home. Based on your priorities and your desires, we can recommend and install the most practical and cost-effective solution, and one that will not have you calling us back to fix a problem.

To find out more about how AVL Pro can make smart home automation work for you, feel free to contact us or chat with us below today!

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