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Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with Smart Home Surveillance

Always Know What’s Going on at Home

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with Smart Home Surveillance

Not so long ago, you might leave the house for an extended period, and you might be concerned about its safety and security. Were all the doors locked? Were all the windows secure? Is the alarm functioning correctly? Did we turn off the gas burner on the stovetop?

These days, modern technology comes to the rescue to alleviate those worries. With a home surveillance installation, you can have a set of eyes and ears on your home in Naples, FL and surrounding areas from wherever you roam as long as you can connect to the internet. And it can protect you when you're home, too.

Keep reading below to see how home surveillance solutions can give you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

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Smart Camera Features

Today's intelligent cameras and surveillance systems are smarter than ever before. Let's start with a popular option, the video doorbell. Control4’s new Chime doorbell is a video monitoring device with several talents. First, the 5-megapixel sharp camera can monitor up to five activity zones around your front entry with a wide field of view. The activity zones mean you only get notified of activity close to your house, not just people or cars passing by.

Do you worry about porch piracy of your packages while you're away? Your Chime can record the footage of a package delivery. If someone tries to take it, you'll have that recorded too for evidence. Better yet, use the notification to tell a neighbor to keep it for you until you return. Do you want to turn away solicitors or suspicious visitors? The Chime can alert you to any motion by your door or a doorbell, and you can use its camera and audio capabilities to screen your visitor right from your smartphone.

If you're home and don't want to answer, you can use your smart device or a Control4 Touchscreen from your home automation system to screen someone. As it's part of Control4's suite of innovative home products, the Chime can trigger other smart automation like turning on outside lights to ward off unexpected snoopers around your front entry at odd hours.

Aside from video doorbells, other smart cameras can detect vehicles, animals, people, and more. If you use continuous surveillance recording around your property, the cameras will only alert incidents outside of the norm, so the garbage truck in front of the house doesn't trigger an action.

Video Surveillance

If you want to record continuous footage of your property versus motion incidents, you can invest in a complete surveillance system. The latest systems use network video recorders (NVR), which record video continuously from cameras connected via your home network. IP home network-connected cameras come in different types and are easy to install, with most requiring a single ethernet cable that supplies power and connectivity.

For outdoors, various camera models offer high definition to ultra-high-definition resolution, night vision, and more. They are available with wide-angle fields of view and narrower ones for focus on specific areas like entry doors. If you want to monitor indoor spaces, a wide variety of cameras can also offer expansive or more focused views.

For both outdoor and indoor use, some cameras feature pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities that allow the camera to automatically zero in on motion and also to control the camera remotely. With modern object and people detection software, if there's a specific incident you want to call up on your footage, the system uses advanced intelligence to find it without sifting through hours of video.

Want to learn more about smart surveillance solutions for your Southwest Florida home? AVL Pro serves Naples and surrounding areas with the latest home technology solutions. Get in touch with us here, or click the chatbox below to connect with us quickly. We look forward to working with you.

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