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Expand Your Home Entertainment with Whole-Home Audio Video

Distributed AV brings your home to life

Expand Your Home Entertainment with Whole-Home Audio Video

Sometimes less is more. Instead of having the biggest screen or the most speakers, you need to prioritize quality to unveil the true home entertainment experience. 

Rather than only investing in one dedicated media room, whole-home audio video allows you to expand the fun throughout the house. Consequently, it allows everyone at home to benefit from the AV system. 

Read on to discover how distributed AV can make the listening and watching experience at your home in Naples, FL, and surrounding areas more immersive and engaging. 


Stream Media Anywhere You Want

Do you love listening to songs as you cook food in the kitchen? Or perhaps you’re a huge sports fan and don’t want to miss a moment when the big game is on. 

With distributed AV, you don’t need to worry about missing out on something or dragging speakers to a different room as you perform day-to-day tasks. With in-ceiling speakers installed throughout the house, you can put on whatever content you want and stream it in every room simultaneously. 

Want to play a song? The speaker system will fill your entire  home with the sound of music. Similarly, when watching movies, you don’t need to remember where you left an episode midway. When you use the TV in another room, it will automatically pick up from where you left off. 

Concealed Installation Eliminates Clutter

Whole-home AV doesn’t mean you have to compromise aesthetics at the expense of quality home entertainment. When you work with professionals, you get to unlock concealed installation of the audio video equipment. As a result, your home becomes more fun without ruining its inherent beauty. 

All the speakers can be concealed within walls or ceilings, making them barely visible to the naked eye. As for the video components, they can be hidden behind artwork, leaving your home clutter-free and entertaining. 

Custom Zones Make Home Entertainment More Inclusive 

While distributed AV allows you to stream the same content throughout the house for a more immersive experience, at the same time, unique AV zones make the home entertainment more inclusive for your family and guests. 

Group rooms together to create a zone. Different zones can play different content at the same time. This way, everyone can enjoy whatever they want without disturbing others. The best part is that the zones can be changed at any time, making it a flexible solution. 

Surround yourself with music, captivating scenes, and more with whole-home audio video. AVL Pro can help you choose a distributed system that covers your listening and watching requirements. Reach out today to get started on your project. Give us a call at (239) 593 – 6455 or get in touch by filling out an easy online contact form

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