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Does Your Outdoor Audio System Pass the Test?

Ask These Three Questions to See if You Need Better Outdoor Audio

Does Your Outdoor Audio System Pass the Test?

Life in Florida is often a dream come true, and there is nothing like spending time outside enjoying paradise. But what if you are in the mood for your favorite tunes while wading in your pool or sipping drinks on your patio? Will a Bluetooth speaker provide the high-quality sound you want? 

At AVL Pro, we offer industry-leading smart home technologies to clients in Marco Island, FL, and the surrounding areas. With a robust outdoor sound system tailored to your needs, you will never miss another song or sunset. 

From hidden speakers that blend into your lawn to subwoofers that provide the audio “punch” you want, premium outdoor audio creates an immersive sound experience throughout your entire backyard area. So, is yours as good as it gets? Here are three questions to ask to determine if your outdoor sound system is in urgent need of an update. 

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Where Is the Audio? 

For outdoor entertainment, few products compare with a glare-resistant, weatherproof SunBrite TV. Likewise, nothing sets the mood like Coastal Source’s outdoor lighting systems. But what about sound? A great video system without the audio to match will have guests wondering if there is anyone behind the screen or if the TV is stuck on mute. 

At AVL Pro, we carry all the top outdoor entertainment brands, including the best in outdoor audio. Whether you’re watching TV on the patio or hosting a party, an outdoor speaker system from Sonance ensures you have audio that surrounds you. 

Are They Really Weatherproof?

Are your outdoor speakers looking worse for wear? A common mistake our clients make before contacting us is using equipment not designed for the outdoors. Unfortunately, even most speakers advertised as such will look worn after a few months in the Florida weather. The audio quality also suffers. 

When updating your system, consider specialized outdoor products like Sonance’s lines of landscape, patio, and garden speakers. Sonance also engineers small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are easy to hide between plants or as part of your landscape design. They even design some of their products to look like actual rocks! 

Are You in Control? 

No outdoor sound system is complete without the magic of home automation. After all, what is a smart home if not the collection of its integrated, automated components? Our experts are certified Control4 dealers and design automation systems that work with your existing home technologies and are easily scalable. Now, you can control your outdoor audio with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. 

The perfect outdoor sound system must be loud in all the right places, weatherproof, and fully automated. At AVL Pro, we have the experience and brand partnerships to design a solution that works for your home. 

So if you are ready to update your system, why not contact us and ask how we can help? We’d love to hear from you.