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Advanced Smart Home Surveillance for Modern Homes

Keep Watch Over Every Entry Point, Even When You’re Away

Advanced Smart Home Surveillance for Modern Homes

Way back when, people would leave their homes and have no way of knowing if their property was protected in their absence. If an intruder entered through a window, homeowners typically wouldn’t learn about the intrusion until they returned. Our homes were completely helpless with no one—or no available technology—to protect them.

As technology advances, so has home surveillance. Now we can keep an eye on our homes from anywhere and make quick decisions in the event of an incident—even if we aren’t there. Smart home surveillance is changing the way homeowners in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas protect themselves and their valuables.

Read on to learn how smart home surveillance can give you stronger peace of mind while you’re at home or away.

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Smart Cameras, Smarter Imaging

Security cameras have never been more intelligent. Consider the Control4 Chime video doorbell. It doesn’t just let you know who’s knocking before you open the door; it can record and notify you of all activity within a 120-degree field of view. The 5MP camera also features 8x digital zoom, infrared LEDs for black-and-white night vision, and five adjustable motion zones so you can create personalized motion parameters and only receive notifications for significant events.

Integrate the Chime video doorbell with your Control4 smart home to activate quick smart home scenes and devices from the same interface used to view and speak to your front door visitors. For example, should a house cleaner arrive while you’re away, simply tap a button on your smartphone to unlock your front door and disarm the alarm system for them. When they’re inside, another button tap locks the door and arms your system again.

Enhanced Video Surveillance

Pair your video doorbell with exterior surveillance cameras that present you with a detailed view of your entire property, front and back. While you can always be notified to significant events, such as someone lurking too close to your property or a parked vehicle near the entrance, you can also find specific footage by filtering through your network video recorder using descriptive terms. Today’s latest surveillance systems use artificial intelligence technology to help you find precisely what you need without requiring you to sift through hours of footage.

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