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4 Reasons Motorized Window Shades Improve Your Home

Explore the Many Ways Smart Window Treatments Make Your Home More Comfortable, Efficient, and Secure

4 Reasons Motorized Window Shades Improve Your Home

Once only considered a way to add definition and fashion to a room, window treatments are a critical component of the modern smart home. If you are in the planning stages of a new build or considering a remodel of your luxury home, now is the best time to consider adding motorized window shades to your must-have list of features. 

We live here because of the stunning views and the way having sand between our toes and the ocean within an arm's reach invigorates the soul. Striking a balance between enjoying the benefits of natural sunlight and keeping comfortable is essential for living where we do. . 

Are you curious about the possibilities for your home on Marco Island and the surrounding areas? Continue reading to learn four reasons why you should upgrade. 

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1. Elegant and Smooth Operation 

Automated shades were once limited in style. Today you have a spectrum of choices. We work with manufacturers that have collaborated with the leading designers and world-class textile mills to offer sophisticated options sure to complement any style or aesthetic. 

2. Privacy At Your Fingertips

Having expansive windows is a luxury that allows you to look out at your landscaped yard and the shimmering sea, but it also means that your neighbors can see in. Motorized shades give you the power to control the level of transparency you desire; lower sheers to create a lush and romantic atmosphere or use black-out shades for a deeper, more restful sleep. 

3. The Luxury Of Convenience 

If you haven’t taken a look at automated shades in some time, today’s models are a far cry from the industrial-centric models of the past. Instead of producing a clunky racket, modern shades are whisper quiet. At the touch of a button or a voice command, a wall of window treatments moves in synchronicity, barely registering to your ears while you read in the den, meditate in the spa, or enjoy a show in the media room. 

4. Keeping Energy Costs Low

While there are many benefits to incorporating sunlight into your home, such as a more energized brain, greater visual definition, and improved health, solar heat gain results especially in the summer afternoons. Using built-in sensors, your smart home automatically closes blinds during the hottest parts of the day, reducing the stress on your HVAC system. 

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