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3 Reasons Why Lutron Leads the Pack for Lighting Control

3 Reasons Why Lutron Leads the Pack for Lighting Control

Controlling the light in your home means taking control of your mood, your productivity, your finances, and your safety—all major concerns for the modern homeowner.

Lutron has remained the industry leader in lighting control systems since they developed the first rotary dimmer switch in 1961.

That revolutionary invention, which allowed just a sliver of control over the brightness of a single room, has served as a launchpad for the development of a vast range of technologically advanced lighting control systems and services that are available to increase the convenience, efficiency, and security of your Naples home.

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1. Dynamic Control

The ultra-modern Lutron lighting control systems can coordinate the lights throughout your entire home into a seamless, mood-enhancing lighting solution through the use of Lutron’s Clear Connect RF technology.

These custom transmitters utilize radio frequency technology to communicate with your wall-mounted dimmers, keypads, remotes, or wireless occupancy sensors on a quiet frequency band—technology that minimizes the pull on your home network’s bandwidth common to competing systems.

Imagine also being able to control the mood of the room without pausing what you’re doing. The ability to integrate with other smart home systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa for voice-controlled lighting adjustments, is another benefit that puts Lutron above their competitors.

2. Enhanced Energy Savings

You might forget to turn the lights off when you leave for vacation, but your Lutron lighting control system will not. Lighting accounts for roughly 20% of a household’s electric bill, so maintaining control over usage means you control your expenses. One of our recent customers in Naples, FL saved big when they switched to a Lutron lighting control system by scheduling lights to turn off automatically at a given time each day.

Lighting fixtures can also be programmed to produce the amount of light that matches the time of day or to only light the part of your home that you’re currently in, both features that save electricity and increase the level of comfort for you and your family.

As an added bonus, bedroom lighting can be set to match the rising and setting of the sun with Lutron’s Sunset Tracker, helping you to develop a natural, healthy sleep cycle.

3. Increased Home Safety

Speaking of that vacation you’d like to take, many people worry about burglary and other crimes against their property when they’re away from home for extended periods.

Whether it’s just a day or several weeks, Lutron’s Smart Away system allows you to program your lights to randomly turn on and off throughout the evening hours to provide a deterring impression that someone is home.

By connecting the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge to your system’s main repeater by Ethernet connection, you can control your home lighting system from anywhere in the world through their mobile app.

Smart lighting control increases safety not only while you’re away, but also when you’re at home. Motion detectors linked to your home security system can be set to turn on select lights to alert you to suspicious activity and deter intruders from targeting your home. 

Let’s Bring Your Ideas to Life

It’s no wonder that Lutron is the industry leader in lighting control systems. Their seemingly endless line of services, control options, and custom features mean versatility.

If you’re ready to control your home’s lighting and take convenience, safety, and savings to new levels, give us a call, chat with us below, or contact us online today to find out how we can bring your ideas to life.  

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